Interfacing with a Xeon Phi via Julia

(Disclaimer: This is not a full-Julia solution for using the Phi, and instead is a tutorial on how to link OpenMP/C code for the Xeon Phi to Julia. There may be a future update where some of these functions are specified in Julia, and Intel's compilertools.jl looks like a viable solution, but for now it's not possible.)

Intel's Xeon Phi has a lot of appeal. It's an instant cluster in your computer, right? It turns out it's not quite that easy. For one, the installation process itself is quite tricky, and the device has stringent requirements for motherboard choices. Also, making out at over a taraflop is good, but not quite as high as NVIDIA's GPU acceleration cards.

However, there are a few big reasons why I think our interest in the Xeon Phi should be renewed. For one, Intel ... READ MORE

Using Julia's C Interface to Utilize C Libraries

February 4 2016 in C, Julia, Programming | Tags: | Author: Christopher Rackauckas

I recently ran into the problem that Julias's (GNU Scientific Library) GSL.jl library is too new, i.e. some portions don't work as of early 2016. However, to solve my problem I needed access to adaptive Monte Carlo integration methods. This means it was time to go in depth in Julia's C interface. I will go step by step on how I created and compiled the C code, and called it from Julia. READ MORE